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Clinton the Lawyer
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Clinton the LAWYER

Published in the RB Sun, January, 1998


Allen Polk Hemphill

 I want to apologize to the President for having written that he is a liar. He is not, at least by his own analysis. What he is, admittedly, is a lawyer. Now some, and I am among them, happen to think that is worse. Not only is he a lawyer, so is his wife, most of his Cabinet, and probably Socks the Cat. This administration came into power with the largest percentage of lawyers in history in the Cabinet.

The problem is visible with the recent interview with the President in which they asked him about his penchant for Macdonalds. He replied that he had not eaten in a Macdonalds since he became President. When the Rush Limbaugh show produced photographs of him exiting a Macdonalds in Hawaii, the White House released the statement that the President had not actually eaten in Macdonalds. The President’s spokesman said the President had actually taken the Macdonalds hamburgers off the property and therefore had not, specifically, "eaten at Macdonalds." This is the kind of dissembling that stalls the delivery of documents and videos under subpoena, and finding Rose Law firm records years late in a space reserved for the President’s wife and having her fingerprints on the records.

We have as another example: The President soliciting funds from the White House in apparent violation of law, as I read it – and English is my native tongue. Not so says the President through his lawyers. A solicitation takes place, according to them (an I am not kidding!), not as it leaves the President’s lips, but rather when it reaches the ear of the person solicited – and since the person solicited was not on government property, the solicitation did not take place on government property.

The President’s defense against the most current sexual accusations (there has been a long line) follows a similar line of dissembling. In short his defense is, "I was not in Little Rock that day, but if I was, I was not in that hotel, but if I was, I never asked a Highway Patrolman to summon Paula Jones, but if I did, I never met Paula Jones, but if I did, I was never alone in a hotel room with her, but if I was, I did not proposition her, but if I did, it was not a proposition, because a proposition carries the connotation of a mutual sexual experience and I never intended that at all."

Now what kind of mind do you think it took to contact the horde of people who have fled the country rather than be called to testify before the two Congressional committees investigating the scandal over illegal funds delivered to the Democratic National Committee. Right. Of course the President’s lawyers cannot be questioned about their responsibility. Attorney-client privilege.

Our current President is as slippery as hell, and earned the nickname "Slick Willie" not from his Republican opponents but from the Democratic-leaning Little Rock newspaper when he was running for Governor of that state.

I don’t fault the President. He is what he is, and what he is is a lawyer. He has not changed his spots a bit from what we knew about him before the first election. Those who voted for him are responsible, because they knew all they needed to know about him before they elected him the first time – and they did it again.


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