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Traitors and Liberals



Permit me, please, to state my premise in the bluntest of terms: The climate of opinion in America, anesthetized by a liberal press, has permitted the fungus-like growth of home-grown traitors like the Walker family and the accused Marine embassy guards.

Senator McCarthy has been dead for twenty years, but as late as this morning on a national TV show, the epithet of "McCarthyism" was used, as it has been used for many years in an attempt to institutionalize anti-anti-Communism. It has succeeded in using the epithet to institutionalize anti-anti-Communism. We are currently infatuated with a "glasnost" that would not take us in if the idea was proposed by Hitler or Pinochet.

The anti-anti-Communism prevalent in the US has caused the population to be schizophrenic to the point that most Americans believe that Chile and South Africa are the "enemy", while Soviet Russia is our friend. How else can you explain the withdrawal of American companies from South Africa and the massive expansion of U.S. companies, including Coca-Cola and Pepsi, into the Soviet Union.

Anti-anti-Communism has been such a potent force in this country for twenty years, that we have become so afraid that someone may be accused of trying to find a Communist under every bed that we have not been able to find a Communist under any bed!

I have recently seen the excellent movie "SHOAH" on public TV - nine hours of remembrance of the terrible horror of the Nazi concentration camps. Six million Jews and five million other people died in that efficient terror - but that makes it just the third worst horror of this century, and the first two massive genocides get not a mention anywhere.

Our new "friends" in China murdered twenty eight million human beings in the even more recent 1958 purge, and our Soviet "friends" managed to kill twenty million in the Gulag, to add to the Soviet four million killed in the 1917 collectivization and to the perhaps ten million in the 1933 Ukrainian purposeful starvation.

Could you imagine us forgiving the Nazi murderers? Heck no, we hound every one of those people wherever they are - and so we should. There is no room on this earth for the butchers of the SS, nor should there be, but they are pussy cats compared to many people that our State Department deals with as equals in the Peoples Republic of China and the Soviet Union, with proper diplomatic aplomb. I certainly do not want the Nazis treated better, just the Communist butchers treated worse - or at least equally.

These socialist butchers have not recanted nor repented, and the blood on their hands is in some cases even more recent, and in every case more plentiful, than the blood on the hands of the properly detested Nazis.

There is such a cry for moral equivalency from the liberals who assure us that the Contras are "just as bad as the Sandinistas" - why then are the rulers of the Soviet Union and China not "just as bad" as the Nazis?

It is more than a case of selective myopia, it is a case of intellectual dishonesty.

Worse, this rampant anti-anti-communism provides a warm and profitable stream in which traitors can easily swim.

There are some excellent books currently being published by people who were active Communists, both in this country and in England. In After Long Silence, Michael Straight, whose father founded The New Republic, explains how he was recruited into the Communist Party and how he, in turn, recruited Sir Anthony Blunt who was then a British intelligence officer but who later became the Queen's art historian. Straight himself came clean only when he was interviewed by the FBI for the job of national chairman of the Endowment for the Arts under President Kennedy in 1963.

Straight knew many other active Communists who were working directly for the Soviets, but he refused to blow the whistle on them even after he became disillusioned. Straight could have warned the British about Guy Burgess among others, but he did not. Straight does now reveal, in some detail, how the Henry Wallace presidential campaign was directed from the Politburo in 1948.

It is only many years later that we learn the truth. Supporters of Henry Wallace, and that includes every liberal over 60, should cringe when they say "McCarthyism."

We should understand that there are neither Communists under every bed, or under no beds. There are Communists under some beds - and some of those Communists are acting directly to destabilize our society in a manner that could cost millions of lives.

Published in the Bernardo News -- 1994


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