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Rancho Bernardo

(City of San Diego)

(All homes currently on the market in Rancho Bernardo are available by clicking the Zip Code button on the left (92127, 92128.) If you will email me at allen@allenhemphill.com I will send you an unchanging password.)
RB is, justifiably, a world-famous community. It is known for its community activities, weather, and unique design. Since it is so well known, and an extremely desirable place to live with great weather, very low crime, and fine schools, homes come on the market and are usually sold
quickly -- except in 2006, when the market cooled considerably.

Right now, we are in a relatively high inventory, with stability. Sales generally exceed  new listings (slightly), but the market is soft and it is a Buyers market. The indicators are that there are vacant homes on the market -- a lot of them -- so prices MUST perforce, be soft.

Although I will mention prices in the articles on neighborhoods, they are based upon May, of the year 2008.  The prices in the spreadsheets on each zip code are usually no more than ten days old. I’ll try to keep them up to date.   Prices of homes in San Diego County lost almost 25% last year (after 36 % 22%, and 46% increases in immediate preceding years), and while no predictions can be made for the future there is general stability at the bottom of a recessionary market. Prices are at or near the bottom, and are likely to remain low for several years because of the inventory.

The December 2005-December 2006 prices rose throughout San Diego County just 2.5%. In Zip Code 92127 they rose 37% but that is an anomaly cause by the introduction of very expensive homes in 4S Ranch.

Homes in 92128 and 92127 lost double digits indicating indicating a Buyers Market.

It is safe to assume that this is a Buyers market, and will remain so.

Crime: The Automated Regional Justice System provides a detailed map with symbols regarding types of crimes (burglary, rape, murder etc.) and that map is currently updated. Note that the program defaults to the past 30 days -- you may want to look at some longer period.

Go to www.arjis.org and navigate to Zip Code 92127 or 92128, Once the map comes up you will note the general absence of crime.

As a community Rancho Bernardo is virtually crime free, but check it out for yourself.

Additionally, you might check out the “Megans Law” database of California Registered Sex Offenders. That is at http://meganslaw.ca.gov

For the latest information, you are wise to check the information for yourself at the time you are interested in purchasing.

The RB community was originally designed by a visionary developer, Harry Summers. Harry envisioned a community with exceptionally wide streets, and separate neighborhoods for retired people and families. As a result of his unique design, each neighborhood has its own clubhouse, tennis courts and pool, and the activities are designed to serve the particular neighborhood. Neighborhoods with a large population of children have activities designed for them, and all-adult communities have vastly different programs. There is a specific annual fee for club membership in each neighborhood, and the fee is a requirement, whether you use the facilities or not. Information on the community centers and their specific costs are included in the data on each neighborhood on this website.

That community center assessment for all residences in RB is, in fact, a requirement placed on each property by the CC&Rs that are part of each property in RB. And, yes, they are enforced. Fairly rigidly. That is why RB is uniformly beautiful. So, the CC&Rs of each neighborhood are included in information on this website. If you cannot live under the rules of the neighborhood, it would be wise to find another neighborhood. RB has uniformly strong CC&Rs.

Politically, RB is a power in San Diego politics. Its residents are vocal, articulate, extremely knowledgeable, and very involved. Additionally, they vote at greater than a 90% rate. That combination is difficult for the San Diego City Council to ignore, so they don’t. When there is a San Diego issue that directly impacts RB, the busses roll with interested residents – and RB seldom loses an issue they are interested in or that impacts them.

We have watched RB grow over the years from an isolated community on a two lane highway far north of San Diego, to the premier community of inland San Diego. It was disparagingly called “The Golden Ghetto” in early years because of its affluence and isolation, but it is no longer isolated. It is still affluent.

The community is now fully developed with all the housing it can legally hold, so “What you see is what you get.” There will be no surprises. The population of RB is about 37,000 dwellings or about 75,000 people, but there is a new “new city” being built next door called 4S Ranch, and its large population will soon have a negative impact on the streets and parking of RB.

For those of us in the community, the real surprise has been the growth of the Industrial Park. From a few isolated small businesses, Hewlett-Packard, Sony and other giants have populated the Park.

Jean and I have been associated with RB since 1969, when our children were used in the first newspaper ads for the Westwood community of RB. Jean’s parents moved to RB in 1970, and we moved into neighboring Green Valley section of North Poway in 1972. Jean and I worked for an RB real estate firm in the mid-70s, and we then opened an Apple Computer Store in RB in 1979.

If you are not familiar with the RB community, please permit me to give you a tour through my eyes. Probably the best way to do it is neighborhood by neighborhood, because each has its unique personality. It was designed to have separate personalities by Harry Summers, and his dream has prevailed well past his death. The attendant photographs are designed to be representative of the character of the neighborhood and do not represent any particular home or homes for sale.

RB has several major identifiable “neighborhoods” on the West side of the I-15 corridor (ZIP 92127), and many identifiable neighborhoods on the Eastern side ZIP 92128).

Please click on the neighborhoods to the left for specifics. (This is under construction, is not yet complete, but it is usable so please be patient with me....)

This site has "partners" who link to us, and we to them -- as a convenience for our clients.

http://www.scottsdaleparadise.com. in Scottsdale, as an example.


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