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Taking the Point Position…


Allen Polk Hemphill

What do I think of the President’s approval rating staying at 65% after admitting that he lied to his family, his staff, his Cabinet, to the nation, and under oath to a Grand Jury?

That is easy.

Recently while surfing the TV for This Week, a scrolling announcement of available TV movies appeared. One movie on the TV is called, "Good Burger ", and the scroll tells me that it is about, "Employees at competing fast food chains plot to create who can make the best burger". Another movie is called "Joe’s Apartment" which I am told is about a "A young man has trouble coping with the city until he is helped by cockroaches."

Ski Magazine reports that 10 people call the New Mexico Board of Tourism each week to ask what kind of visa is necessary to visit this foreign country.

Do you really need any comment on the mentality of a population that can approve of the canning of lifelong military officers who were simply in the hotel during Tailgate, but approve of the president dropping his pants in the Oval Office complex? That is the same office in which Ronald Reagan refused to ever take off his coat out of reverence for the Office of the President.

I am not particularly sanguine that the average IQ of Americans is 100, and that a resident of a mental institution has a political vote that counts the same as mine. I spent many of my adult years so discouraged by the political aptitude of the country that I have refused to vote, and, reluctantly, I am returning to that position.

It’s not that I am uninformed, or that I am unconcerned – I am simply discouraged. The Founding Fathers had some things wrong, but one of the things they had right, and we have changed, is the right to vote. They believed that only male landowners should vote. There is reason to believe they were right, in fact, if anything, they were too egalitarian.

I have opined before that it is not yet time for the President to resign. I have believed, and still believe that the nation has not yet paid a sufficient price for having voted for President Clinton, twice, and that it must get worse before we deserve to be rid of him. We still have not suffered sufficiently, but I can confidently predict that we will.

The "people", the same ones who go to movies like "Good Burger" and "Joe’s Apartment", get the government they deserve. That is not a prospect I am sanguine about. Hang on. It’s going to get much worse.

But am I surprised? No. The support of the President is the best reflection we have on the long-term failure of public education.


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